Gainsborough: Retail park plans are no further forward

Carr Lane development site in Gainsborough G121020-6a
Carr Lane development site in Gainsborough G121020-6a

More than a year after plans were approved for the Carr Lane Retail Park in Gainsborough there is still no sign of development at the site.

Last August it was thought that building work on the new retail park would get started within the next six months.

But there is still no sign of any development at the site, which is located off the Lea Road roundabout, near the rear of B&Q and Wintern Court.

It was predicted that the new retail park would bring a possible 50 new jobs and ‘great opportunities and growth to the area’ but the site is still derelict.

Designed by Brian E Wright Architects from Washingborough in Lincoln, the development would boast six units with a combined 1,524 square metres of retail floor space with 68 car parking spaces.

There would also be two large retail park totems providing roundabout frontage signage.

West Lindsey District Council’s planning committee unanimously agreed to grant permission for the planning application in February last year.

West Lindsey district councillor Trevor Young represents the South West ward of Gainsborough where the retail park will eventually be be built.

He said: “We have put the planning proposals forward and and we are now hoping we get development for that site.”

“I still have a view that it would be good for the ward although it will present difficult challenges in terms of the town centre.”

“It’s all about how we get that balance.”

“We need new investment in the ward.”

“It’s a good thing for the town.”

“We need people to have the confidence to invest in the town.”

“We want to encourage people to the town and off the back of that other things will come off.”

However town centre business owner Dawn Barren from Barren Bou thinks more should be done to develop the town centre before expanding.

She said: “There is no point in developing anything else when the town can’t get up and running.”

“They should develop the town first before they do the outskirts.”

“They shouldn’t be building more shops, they should be trying to fill the empty shops in the town.”

“That’s the way I see it.”

“They need to concentrate on one thing before expanding.”

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