Gainsborough: Residents enjoy ‘superfast’ broadband thanks to community-led project

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Residents of East Stockwith have taken broadband matters into their own hands with a community-led project to bring superfast broadband to the village.

The first connections went live in June, providing internet speeds of up to 30Mbs for the area.

East Stockwith Parish councillors and residents have been working together with wireless internet service provider Quickline Communications for the last five years to make the project a success.

Of the project, David Forington, chairman of East Stockwith Parish Council said: “We have struggled with poor broadband for many years, of course we welcome any initiative that improves the service for the residents of this area.”

Chris Bainborough from Grosvenor House Care Home on Back Street said he was ‘very happy’ with East Stockwith’s new superfast broadband connection.

He added: “We are absolutely delighted with our new installation.

“Now our service speeds is around twenty times faster than our previous service, and it is stable.

“It also means that developing services such as cloud computing, tele-medicine and other new technologies will be available at Grosvenor House Care Home.”

Steve Bolan, operations director at Quickline said: “This is a major advancement in local communications which have been stuck in the dark ages, while the rest of the UK has enjoyed being able to access the world online.

“As with many remote parts of the UK, traditional telecoms companies are unable to access these areas as the cost of investment is too high for the number of residents.

“But East Stockwith Parish Council took matters into their own hands and got in touch with us direct.

“Following on from this successful enquiry, we welcome approaches from other parishes in need of better communications.”

West Lindsey District councillor Owen Bierley, chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee, said: “Seeing more West Lindsey villages being connected is fantastic.

“This high-speed service will mean more freedom to fully utilise online services for residents as well as providing businesses with the means to increase their reach.

“This latest installation is another example of how rural masts can be used for the benefit of the wider community.”

Parish councils and businesses can register their interest in superfast broadband online at

For further information on Quickline Connections, call 01482 247365.