Gainsborough post office robber escaped from jail

Lee Ross
Lee Ross

A convicted post office robber went on the run from an open prison because he feared he was about to be transferred to another jail.

Lee Ross, who was serving a seven year sentence for his part in a raid on Blyton Post Office, fled from North Sea Camp near Boston, last month.

He was rearrested within hours of his escape after police found him in the village of Old Leake.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court: “He was serving a term of seven years for an offence of robbery.”

“During the course of that sentence he was moved to North Sea Camp on 2nd September.”

“On 21st October he was found to be missing. He was last seen at 7.40 in the morning.”

When police arrested Ross he told them, ‘So what. They were shipping me out anyway’.

He said that he was aware the prison service were intending to move him and told officers he planned to travel to Gainsborough to see his family.

Andrew Kerrigan, defending Ross, said: “He was aware other inmates were being moved to Norwich and Peterborough.”

“He was concerned that if he was to be moved members of his family would be unable to visit him.”

Ross, 40, formerly of Linden Terrace, Gainsborough, admitted escaping from custody on 21st October.

He was given a six month jail sentence to run consecutively with the seven year sentence he continues to serve.

Sentencing him at Lincoln Crown Court on Tuesday, Judge Sean Morris told him: “People in prisons have to know that if they walk out they are going to receive a consecutive sentence in order that prison discipline is maintained.”

Ross received his seven year sentence at Lincoln Crown Court in January 2011 when he was convicted by a jury of robbery at Blyton Post Office.