Gainsborough: Positive Futures helps tackle issues of young people through sporting activities

Positive Futures
Positive Futures

A sports program in Gainsborough helps young people tackle issues such as alcohol misuse, substance abuse, anti-social behaviour and legal highs.

Positive Futures has been up and running for the last three years and is a Lincolnshire County Council program that brings sports and positive activities into communities that are in most need.

It is a sports diversionary project that works with young people aged between eight and 24 that looks to tackle issues such as alcohol misuse, substance abuse, anti-social behaviour and legal highs and there are more than 250 young people taking part in the program.

Adam Thurston, Positive Futures Community Sports Worker in Gainsborough, said: “The first sports sessions in Gainsborough were delivered in 2010.”

“The programme has grown over time and so too has the attendance and opportunities.”

“We can now proudly say that we have national, regional and county champions from Gainsborough.”

Positive Futures is also now part of the work of national charity StreetGames, delivering its flagship project - Doorstep Sports Clubs.

This partnership has expanded the scale and scope of the opportunities available to young people involved in Gainsborough.

David Sampher, Sports Development Manager Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Doorsteps Sports Clubs ethos is, to provide sports and activities that young people are interested in, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price and in the right style.”

“It can literally be on their doorstep, perhaps in a cramped local community hall, a car park or even a bit of waste ground and fits perfectly with our approach to delivering positive activities in Lincolnshire.”

Adam Bush, 15, from Gainsborough, takes part in Positive Futures.

He said: “I have been coming to Positive Futures sessions now for three years and had the chance to get involved in lots of different sports.”

“I have also had the chance to represent positive futures at different places across England.”

“I enjoy the sessions with my mates, that’s why we have been coming for so long.”

Adam added: “What I’ve seen as I’ve developed the Gainsborough program is that by showing people what Positive Futures is doing locally, by getting them engaged and by getting them down to projects and sports sessions in the community, people really get enthusiastic and passionate and how good it is for the young people.”