Gainsborough: Picnic time for everyone at the library

A teddy bear picnic was held at Gainsborough library. Picture: Chris Etchells
A teddy bear picnic was held at Gainsborough library. Picture: Chris Etchells

If you went down to Gainsborough library last month, you would certainly have been in for a surprise as the venue held its very own teddy bears picnic.

Local children brought their favourite teddies along to the library and enjoyed teddy bear-shaped jam sandwiches and stories as part of a morning of activities.

“As well as the sandwiches, we also made picnic baskets for the children to put them in and really create that picnic effect,” said librarian Jess Armstrong.

“We had eight or nice children come along and they all brought their teddies and they all really enjoyed it and so did their parents.”

“We try and do something like this every six weeks or so and the children always love to take part in them,”

“We do things that are season or relevant to things happen at that time in the year.”

“So for example, at Easter we had an Easter egg hunt and we have Christmas-themed events in December.”

“It’s all about getting children interested in coming to the library and interested in books and reading.”

“Through that, we will hopefully get some of them coming along to join the library as new members in the future.”

“It all helps us to promote the library and all the different things we have here and it gives something back to the community as well and makes us a real part of it.”

“It’s all educational too as is gets children reading and learning and things live our teddy bear’s picnic help create that atmosphere of fun learning.”