Gainsborough: Pair rescued from Trent

The River Trent off Ropery Road where a man and a woman were rescued on Sunday night G131126-4b
The River Trent off Ropery Road where a man and a woman were rescued on Sunday night G131126-4b
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Fire crews sprang into action to perform a dramatic river rescue on Sunday night when a man and woman got into difficulty in the River Trent.

The pair were reported to be in the water, off Ropery Road, Gainsborough, at around 9.20pm on 24th November.

It is thought the woman went into the river intentionally.

Specially trained firefighters from Gainsborough fire station’s Water Rescue Team attended along with crews from Misterton and Saxilby.

“We could see a woman in the middle of the water and a man closer to the side. Time was against us so it was all hands on deck as we got the boat into the water as quickly as possible,” said crew manager Sam Ward from Gainsborough’s blue watch.

“Crew members on the shore were able to throw a line to the man and pull him in, while the rest of the crew took the boat to rescue the woman.”

“It was very challenging because it was pitch black at that time of night. We only had the light on the boat to work with.”

But they managed to get both people to safety and they were taken to hospital to be checked over.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman confirmed that 35-year-old woman and 43-year-old man had been rescued from the river and taken to Lincoln County Hospital.

It is not thought either were injured or unwell because of the incident.

Said crew manager Ward: “We hope they make a full recovery.”

“The temperature of the water at this time of year can be a killer. It’s so cold that your body can go straight into shock as soon as it enters the water.”

“We would urge people to stay away from the water or be extremely careful if they have to.”

“These people were lucky. The Trent has some very strong currents which are obviously very dangerous.”

“It is also a challenging deployment for our crews, as we do not have a slipway into the water. We have to lower the boat into the river and then jump into it.”

Twelve firefighters based at Gainsborough are now trained to be part of the Water Rescue Team.

The boat is called out approximately once a month to assist with incidents, and a handful of these have been on the River Trent.

But it is on regional deployment, meaning it could be called out to assist anywhere in the county.