Gainsborough MP has welcomed the call for a general election

Sir Edward Leigh
Sir Edward Leigh

Gainsborough MP, Sir Edward Leigh, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s call for a general election in June and said that he hopes to be the Conservative party’s candidate.

He said: “Voters here in Lincolnshire and across the country are backing Theresa May. In the months since she entered Number 10, the Prime Minister has shown good judgement and strong character.

“In the upcoming election I hope to be the Conservative candidate for Gainsborough and continue my service to the people I live amongst.

“Every vote for the Conservatives will make our country stronger. I look forward to being part of a clear Conservative majority that will deliver free trade and control of our own borders.

“It would be an honour to stand again for Gainsborough and help the Prime Minister deliver the best Brexit deal possible.”