Gainsborough: Man jailed after horrific biting attack leaves victim needing three operations

Adam Kisby
Adam Kisby

A Gainsborough man who carried out an horrific biting attack after an incident with a Staffordshire puppy dog has been jailed for a total of three years.

Adam Kisby bit his victim Karl Crane on the neck and on his knuckles and fingers during the incident at a house in Melrose Road in the town.

Lincoln Crown Court was told that Kisby used so much force his victim later had to undergo three operations to deal with the damage to his fingers.

Then three weeks later Kisby went on to bite another man in a second incident in the town.

Kisby, 30, of Holme Walk, Gainsborough, admitted unlawfully wounding Karl Crane on 21 March this year.

He also admitted assaulting Alex Morgan-Essom causing him actual bodily harm on 12th April.

Lisa Hardy, prosecuting, said that on the day of the first attack Kisby appeared to be under the influence of something as he turned up at the house in Melrose Road claiming he had lost his children although they were safe inside the property.

Kisby was slurring his words and being verbally abusive and soon afterwards became violent.

Miss Hardy said “Mr Crane started looking for his dog and knocked on the bathroom door. Inside the defendant was sitting on the toilet. The dog’s head appeared to be in the defendant’s groin.”

“The defendant said it wasn’t what it looked like but he was told to leave. “

Miss Hardy said that moments later Kisby went to punch Mr Crane causing his victim to fall into the bath.

Then Kisby bit Mr Crane’s neck and then bit his knuckles.

Other people in the house tried to get Kisby off but he continued to bite and then turned the taps on and tried to submerge Mr Crane’s head under the water.

Witnesses described him as looking as though he was possessed with blood around his mouth.

Kisby was eventually pulled off Mr Crane and left the house. Mr Crane was later admitted to Lincoln County Hospital after contracting an infection in his wounds. He subsequently underwent three operations.

The second incident occurred when Kisby attempted to talk to Alex Morgan-Essom outside a bar.

An argument followed and when Mr Morgan-Essom tried to run away he ended up on the floor. Kisby then bit his right hand.

David Eager, who was defending Kisby, said Kisby had not been involved in any offence of violence for 12 years and that Kisby had since settled down with a long-term partner.

Mr Eager said: “Clearly there is some sort of psychological problem here.”

“Mr Kibsy had been humiliated and embarrassed because of the suggestion of some sort of conduct with the dog. That’s what put him in a rage.”