Gainsborough: Macular Support

Will be holding its last meeting of the year on Monday 18th December. The meeting at the Friends’ Meeting House on Gainsborough’s Market Street will start at 10.30am. A general invitation is given to anyone to attend, whether sufferer, carer or just wanting to learn more. Further details can be got by telephoning Michael on: 01427 616852.

Christmas Party

Saturday 14th December, at the Melrose Sports and Social Club, entertainment and refreshments. Members and guests welcome.


In the absence of the Chairman, his Deputy, Peter Rushton, welcomed PROBUS members to the meeting on Monday 9th December at Morton Village Hall. He then welcomed our speaker, Phillip

Bowler, whose theme was Astrology. He works as a Personal Astrologer, and he explained the basics of what this involves. With the help of slides, mostly showing astrological birth charts, he started from the premise that ‘there’s far more to it than star signs’. There are three factors for an astrologer to consider in interpreting what is of significance for those who come to him. Starting from the precise time and date of birth of the person involved, he refers to the signs of the Zodiac, the planets and the 12 sectors or houses of the birth charts. These computer generated charts, along with some complicated calculations, are the basis from which he traces something of what that person is like, and their potential in life.

Royal British Legion

The Gainsborough & District Branch of The Royal British Legion will hold its next monthly meeting on Thursday 19th December. The meeting will start at 1.30pm at The United Services Club on Bridge Street, Gainsborough and all interested persons are invited to attend. Further details can be obtained by calling Michael on 01427 616852.