Gainsborough: Inquest heard for teenager who tragically died after his car crashed into a lorry

Callum Douce
Callum Douce
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The inquest of a Gainsborough teeanger who tragically lost his life in a car crash has been heard.

Callum Douce, 19, of Eastern Avenue, was killed when his blue Fiat Punto was in collision with a Scania artic lorry on Wednesday 31st July on the A156 Gainsborough Road at Gate Burton..

The driver of the lorry gave evidence at the inquest which was heard on Thursday 13th March.

Joseph Potts said: “I saw a blue fiat punto travelling towards me in the opposite direction then the car wasn’t going where I was expecting it to go.”

“Then the next minute that vehicle came across on to my side of the carriageway.”

“I slammed on the brakes and starting sounding my horn hoping for a reaction. I was trying to get my vehicle to stop as quickly as possible.”

“Callum was looking down in to the car. It looked like he was looking down into the footwell.”

“There was no reaction what so ever until the last second and then he looked up.”

“There was nothing I could have done without putting my own life in danger.”

Callum died at the scene.

A police officer who arrived on the scene shortly after the crash also spoke at the inquest.

PC Barlow said: “The driver appeared to have been distracted, Mr Douce appeared to be looking into the footwell and reaching for something.”

“We can’t determine the speed of the Punto.”

“It is possible he fell asleep but not likely.”

“The lorry driver reacted immediately. There was nothing he could have done and his speed was not a factor.”

A witness to the collision said in his statement that his view was restricted by the lorry but it started to brake hard so he was forced to brake himself but he couldn’t see why he was braking.

James Denton said: “The lorry wobbled slightly and I heard a loud bang.”

“I knew it had hit something but I didn’t know what.”

“The lorry driver was holding his head in his hands.”

Callum’s dad, Gary Douce, said: “Callum’s first car was a Citroen Saxo which was given to him by his girlfriend’s dad.”

“Then he got a blue Fiat Punto. It was insured to his nan but he was the name driver.”

“I would go in the car with Callum on occasion and I felt confident with his driving.”

“He didn’t drive fast and he would not dream of having an alcoholic drink.”

The coroner’s verdict was that Callum died as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic collision and he expressed his condolences to Callum’s family.