Gainsborough: In the run up to Christmas CallConnect buses will be offering a Sunday service

NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

Lincolnshire County Council’s CallConnect bus service will unwrap a special gift for bus users across the county during November and December.

Following the success of last year’s ‘Santa Sundays’ service, the ‘Love Sundays’ service will run for six Sundays, starting 16th November.

The service can be used by anyone, no matter their age, status or reason for travelling.

The service is designed to improve transport opportunities in rural communities and some market towns where there is an infrequent conventional bus service.

Two special Sunday shopper services, between Gainsborough and Lincoln and Stamford and Peterborough, will also be available on a pre-bookable basis.

CallConnect Manager Paul Sanders said: “We are delighted to be able to provide the service again this year, and due to last year’s popularity we’re offering more Sundays than before.”

“We’d also encourage people who use time-tabled bus services during the week but don’t have access to a Sunday service to use our demand-responsive buses.”

The ‘Love Sundays’ service will operate from 9am to 5pm and journeys can be booked from Monday 10th November for the first Sunday of operation.

The CallConnect Booking Centre will also be fully open on the six Sunday`s from 9.30am to 3.30pm for the Lincolnshire area.

Same-day bookings will also be available subject to availability.

The demand-responsive CallConnect bus service already helps people of all ages to travel around the county.

To find out more about CallConnect or the ‘Love Sundays’ scheme you can contact Lincolnshire CallConnect on 0345 234 3344 or visit