Gainsborough in full bloom

Gainsborough news
Gainsborough news

THE Gainsborough in Bloom group is looking for more volunteers, help and ideas to improve further the look of the town and build on last year’s success.

The town achieved a bronze medal last time but were close to a silver.

Town Counillor Vaughan Hughes said: “With a little more help from the good horticultural townsfolk of Gainsborough the group could do much more.”

“Ideas on the table currently include flower baskets for the market place, best garden competition, and involving schools in designing flower beds. Gainsborough must have some residents who can spare a little time on a regular basis to assist with planting and ongoing maintenance of the areas involved, and they would be very welcome.”

The next meeting is on Tuesday 9th October at 2pm in the Witham Room, at The Guildhall, Marshall’s Yard.