Gainsborough election results: Conservatives take control of Lincolnshire County Council

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The Conservatives have regained control of Lincolnshire County Council as they swept into power.

Out of a possible 70 seats, the party swept the board and took 58, with a 53.35 per cent share of the vote, easily giving them an overall majority.

UKIP losing its nine councillors and the only Liberal Democrat victory was Councillor Matt Boles who defended Gainsborough Hill.

Labour secured six councillors on another bad night for the party.

Independent candidates secured a total of five places, with one of those going to the Lincolnshire Independents.

The county council was previously under no overall control, but the Conservatives gained more than 20 seats. Labour was halved, going from 12 to six.

The turnout was 31.98 per cent.

Gainsborough results:

Gainsborough Hill: Matt Boles, LD, 596 votes; Ashley Perraton-Williams, Con, 402; David Cormack, Lab, 396; Tracy Lamy-Edwards, UKIP, 130.

Gainsborough Trent: Paul Key, Ind, 617 votes; Trevor Young, LD, 538; Sheila Bibb, Con, 327; Ian Bradley, Lab, 224; Neville Jones, UKIP, 110.

Scottter Rural: Clio Perraton-Williams, Con, 1,363 votes; Lesley Rollings, LD, 841; Jonathan Harper, Lab, 307; John Saxon, UKIP, 232.