Gainsborough: Ebay thief stole thousands from employers

Worksop Magistrates court
Worksop Magistrates court

A Gainsborough thief who stole specialised items from his employers and sold them on Ebay has been jailed for 18 weeks.

James Dobbs, 44, of Bridge Street, made nearly £9,000 from selling property that did not belong to him on the popular website.

Mr Dobbs stole £5,062 from Nottinghamshire firm JG Pears between February 2010 and March 2013 and £3,819 from Lincolnshire firm Fenmarc LTD, between February 2013 and December 2013.

Mr Dobbs used a false username and had the items sent to a different address from his own.

He was caught when an employee at one of the firms was browsing Ebay and noticed some items were being sold under their value in close proximity.

The employee then matched-up the ‘suspicious serial numbers’ on the items .

Mr Dobbs was in a position of trust and had access to buying items for the companies.

In mitigation, Tony Cunningham, told Worksop Magistrates’ Court that Mr Dobbs had been having financial difficulties with debts of £25,000 after his wife left him.

Mr Dobbs had been using the money he was making to pay off his debts.

Mr Cunningham said: “James told me that he did it because this was his only option to clear the debt and to stop the creditors knocking on his door.

Sentencing Dobbs, the magistrates’ said: “You took advantage of a serious breach of trust.”