Gainsborough: Drama over plans to sell booze stone’s throw away from primary school continues

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Angry Gainsborough residents have taken to social media after a new shop applied for a licence to sell alcohol next door to a primary school.

The shop, which is currently empty, is located on Ropery Road- a stone’s throw away from the entrance of Mercer Wood Academy.

School staff are set to challenge the licensing application, which will allow the shop to supply alcohol near the school during the hours of 6am to 10pm.

Residents have also challenged the plans, concerned that they will bring anti-social behaviour to the area.

Lyn Watts, of Gainsborough said: “Every alcoholic in the immediate area will be passing this primary school and bringing along with them any unsocial behaviour that goes along with the problem. That’s not ok with me.”
Neil Bailey, of Gainsborough added: “No shop should be allowed to sell alcohol next to a school. Obviously money is more important than the safety of children.”

However, some Gainsborough residents defended the application, stating that many schools across the country are situated next to shops that supply booze.

Richard Oaks said: “Surely a new business is a good thing if it’s employing new people- even if it’s just one or two.”

Nicki Hodgson, of Gainsboroughm said: “The Spar is right by the Gainsborough Academy ,so why is this one an issue? It’s not like they’re going to sell to infants and junior age kids is it?”

Richard Oaks added: “Kids can’t be wrapped in cotton wool all their lives. They can see much worse on the TV.”

Councillor David Dobbie, of West Lindsey Council, is councillor for the area.

He said: “I have been trying for about a year now to get that area made into a school safety area which would restrict parking about the shop and the school from the North Warren, North Marsh junction down to the Mercer Road,Albany Street junction.”

“The Council is currently in discussion about these school safety plans. There have been a number of accidents there over the last few years and a off-licence would not be a fitting shop to have in that area,” he added.