Gainsborough: Diamond day celebration for loving couple

Percy and Yvonne Mobbs
Percy and Yvonne Mobbs

A Gainsborough couple have celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary and said their secret is never going to bed on an argument.

Yvonne, 76, and Percy Mobbs, 81, got married on 29th May 1954 at a register office.

They both grew up in Gainsborough having moved here as young children.

Percy asked Yvonne to meet him at the pictures after first seeing her at the fish and chip shop.

Percy had also asked another two girls to meet him on that same evening and Yvonne was left waiting for him along with another girl.

However, this girl chose to leave meaning Yvonne and Percy were able to be together and are celebrating 60 years of marriage.

Yvonne said: “We’re having a party at the Liberal Club on Ropery Road on Friday to celebrate with all our friends and family.”

“We have family coming from Doncaster and a grand daughter from Grimsby.”

“And my brother and wife are coming from Ireland.”

“There are so many of us that people will just turn up.”

Yvonne and Percy have eight children, seven girls and one boy, 23 grand children and 31 great grand children.

Yvonne said the secret to making their relationship last is never going to bed on an argument.

She said: “A relationship is all about give and take.”

Never go to bed on a row”

“Always give each other a kiss before you go out the door and before you go to sleep.”

“You will have arguments and rows but clear the air and it’s done with.”

Throughout their marriage Percy had several jobs including being a builder, coal man, railway porter and woodyard worker before retiring as a bus driver.

Yvonne loved being around children and after retiring she worked at Little Hands Nursery for 12 years.

Daughter Teresa said: “We are from a big family and we are always around each other. Even if we moved away, we always come back.”

“We had a brilliant childhood. It was fantastic.”

“We had a big garden to play in.”

“We were always going on holidays caravanning. Mum used to take us on her own while dad worked.”

“We had a hell of a life.

“There was nothing we didn’t do or didn’t have.”