Gainsborough: Councillor Lesley Rollings is driven by supporting change and improvements in the community

Coun Lesley Rollings
Coun Lesley Rollings

A love of working with people and supporting change and improvement in the local community is what drives local Councillor Lesley Rollings.

Lesley said: “I got into local politics in 2007 when I was asked to stand in the District Council elections.

“I decided to try and knock on every door to see what the issues were in each area.

“I still believe that this is the best way of getting to know what’s really going on and what’s important to people.”

Lesley was elected to Gainsborough Town Council more than four years ago and, along with a few other colleagues.

She quickly recognised that things were not right and was determined to address the problems there.

At the end of her first year of office, she was elected Mayor and Chairman of the town Council.

This helped to create the opportunity to start to deal with the issues.

Lelsey said: “I was so concerned I sought advice from West Lindsey District Council. Senior officer, Alan Robinson, suggested that we ask Lincolnshire Audit to come in and look at the finances and working practices of the town council.

“The consequent Audit report did not make pleasant reading. It reported that the town council was close to bankruptcy with 72 recommendations being made to bring the Council into line.

“There is no question about it, the council was in a mess.

“Many of us worked very hard to put things right and I am proud that in my time as Mayor and Chairman we managed to engineer it on to a secure financial footing.

“The whole experience made me understand the importance of working together to solve problems.

“I always ask advice and try to get the best people helping to find the best outcomes. There is no room for big egos in effective leadership.”

At the end of her time as mayor, her fellow town councillors asked her to continue for a further year to lead the reform of the Council. Lesley undoubtedly sees her leadership of Gainsborough Town Council through these difficult times as one of her greatest achievements, and one of which she is very proud.

Lesley recently took the decision to resign from Gainsborough Town Council to enable her to concentrate on her responsibilities as District and County Councillor.

She said: “I represent Morton, Blyton, Scotter and many of the surrounding villages, and some of the issues there require some on-going work and campaigning to put right, I am looking forward to coming to grips with some of the issues that have existed for a long time and meeting more people in the Scotter, Blyton and Morton Wards.”

Lesley works as a teacher and Community Manager at the Gainsborough Academy, where she is passionate about improving opportunities for the students and creating even stronger links with the local Community and the many businesses that are based in the town.

She said: “The Gainsborough Academy sees all young people as individuals and encourages them to set their sights high in life.

“We constantly have parents and former students telling us how grateful they are for the support and encouragement students have received during their time at school.

“On a personal level, the satisfaction gained when students do well, for example, winning national and county competitions in sport, is immense.

“The feeling you get as a teacher, when you know that someone has achieved something because of you, is hard to beat.

“I absolutely love my job.”

Lesley lives in Pilham with her husband and three children, dog and cat.

Lesley added: “I love the quietness of where we live in Lincolnshire. I used to live in London, where it is never completely quiet or dark.”