Gainsborough bin collection to change

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West Lindsey District Council is set to move ahead with a review of its black sack method of collecting waste in the Gainsborough South West ward.

Currently, houses in the area which back onto alley-ways too narrow for bins and bin lorrys leave their waste for collection in black bin liners.

An ‘engagement excercise’ with key stakeholders will investigate what residents in Gainsborough’s South West Ward think about the current service and what alternatives can be tabled.

The move follows a call from Councillor Trevor Young, who previously submitted a motion to full council in which he said the system ‘results in poor environmental health issues and poor living conditions for many residents’.

During the meeting, Councillor Young said he was pleased to see the move, calling it a great opportunity for the town.

He said the issue though, was bigger than the town and district, adding: “Visitors come through town and see a blight of refuse throughout the town centre, it’s a real problem.”

Problems in the streets can result from fly-tipping and the early presentation of waste, which creates issues include smells, noise, pests, antisocial behaviour and allegations of  people splitting the bags and stealing the contents within to sell on.

Councillors on Tuesday, approved a series of recommendations, which will include the setting up of a steering group to oversee the work.

The consultation will costs the council between £1,016 and £4,756 depending on the activity taken according to a report before the committee.

The report said the council spends an average of £21.5k on plastic sacks for residents.

There are currently 2,223 households within the district as a whole participating in a similar scheme, with around 2,015 of those in terraced houses in the South West and North Wards of Gainsborough.