Gainsborough: A terminally ill man is desperate for his Thai wife to be allowed to live with him

Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom
Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom

A terminally ill man is pleading for his Thai wife to be allowed to come over to England and live together with him as man and wife.

Norman Robbins, of Limber Close, Gainsborough, met Wilawan Rodpathom on an online dating website in 2011 before travelling to Bangkok to marry her in June 2012.

But changes to the Family Migration Immigration Rules, announced in 2012, mean that Wilawan has to wait five years before she can apply for a visa.

However Norman has since been diagnosed with an incurable bone cancer called Multiple Myeloma and now, more than ever, he wants to be able to live in the UK with his wife by his side.

He said: “We want to be together as man and wife.”

“She wants to come here because she loves her husband.”

“The main stress is not the cancer but the fight because they won’t let my poor wife come and live with her husband.”

A few months after his wedding to Wilawan, Norman began to experience back pain which he just brushed to one side but when the pain became too much he went to his doctor.

Norman said: “I had blood tests and was transferred to Lincoln City Hospital.”

“They put needles in my spine to get bone marrow and then the doctor said I had a very aggressive bone cancer and there was no cure.”

“They said I could have chemotherapy and stem cell infusion to help prolong my life so I had to go for it.”

“They took stem cells out of my body and treated them and then they put them back in to fight the cancer.”

The stress of the chemotherapy on Norman’s body caused him to have a heart attack and have a stent fitted, and is now unable to work.

He said: “I am going to fight and fight.”

“We have to prove we are a genuine couple for five years and provide evidence of all our phone calls, text messages, Skype calls and I have to earn £18,600 a year to prove I can support her but I’m not allowed to work.”

“We have been together now for three years.”

Norman said that he is especially frustrated because his wife is looking to open a business here in Gainsborough.

He said: “She is an occupational therapist and she wants to come here and start her own business.”

The Home Office said all applications are considered on individual merit but have to be in line with the immigration rules.