gainsborough: Probus Club

Speaker for the Meeting on 23rd September was Alan Stennett whose intriguing title for his talk was Lincolnshire lads on the Veldt. The subject was his grandfather and his brother who were among the Lincolnshire Infantry volunteers involved in the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902. Alan has gathered information about their experiences through letters home and newspaper reports of the time. In addition he undertook a journey to southern Africa to trace the steps of his forbears. This was illustrated by slides of now and then, both written records and illustrations contributing to Alan’s book about the time. After the arduous journey to Cape Town, his grandfather and brother were first assigned to guard the railway line before going on to combat, first successful campaigns in Johannesburg and Pretoria, before also tasting defeat. Alan’s grandfather stayed on in South Africa for a while after the war before returning to Lincolnshire. Among the elements of this story, the reality of serving in the army during that time came over strongly in a knowledgeable and expert presentation.