Furry friends told sad tail

EVEN an old seadog like me couldn’t help but have his heart melt at last week’s Gainsborough Standard front page.

All those little dogs without homes this Christmas.I thought the manager of the Lincolnshire Dog Rescue team was very diplomatic in her remarks about the number of abandoned dogs in the area.

Last year’s recession has clearly not helped the charity, but also dog owners need to take a certain amount of responsibility themselves.

A dog’s for life not just for Christmas, or at least for the dog’s life- which can be up to 15 years.

I won’t even have a cat on the ship because I know I wouldn’t clean up after it. Not to mention feeding it and the pricy vet’s bills. And you don’t even have to walk cats. Dogs are very social creatures and I urge any parents trying to win their kids round with a pet this Christmas to think very hard about what kind of life you will give the animal first.