Furious mum accuses Worksop school of ‘condoning’ racism

Creswell Junior School
Creswell Junior School

A furious mum who says she was driven out of town by racist bullying against her daughter has hit out at a Worksop school after claiming they “did nothing” to tackle the issue.

Eve Carter, who enrolled her 11-year-old daughter at Creswell Junior School in 2016, said the problem began when she discovered the child’s name along with highly offensive racist term carved into a railing outside the school.

Eve says her daughter, who is mixed race, was also called racist names while she played in the park with fellow pupils.

“Disgusted”, she approached the headteacher for help, but claims staff “refused to apologise” and let the pupil responsible for the offensive graffiti go “unpunished”.

The school said racism was “completely unacceptable” and it took the matter “very seriously”.

Eve said: “I was told my daughter was vicious and that the etchings had been made in retaliation.

“I demanded an apology from the pupil who made the carvings, but weeks passed and I heard nothing.

“I kept calling the school and wrote to the chair of governers, but was always told the headteacher wasn’t available.”

Eve has since removed her daughter from the school and moved her family 330 miles away to Cornwall.

She said: “I knew I had to get out. I couldn’t keep my daughter in a school where such a thing was allowed to happen.”

Katie Adamski, Creswell Junior School headteacher, said: “This was an extremely unfortunate incident and I can reassure parents our school does not condone and will not tolerate any form of racist language or behaviour.

“We took immediate action by removing the offensive wording and identifying the child responsible. We also worked with police to resolve the matter which resulted in us asking the pupil to apologise.

“For practical reasons around attendance, this apology did not happen before the children left our school at the end of last term, and for that I am sorry.

“I spoke at length to the girl’s mother at the time and understand her anger – the apology by the pupil should have been made and I’m very disappointed it wasn’t.

“Since this incident we have continued to teach our pupils to respect each other’s differences and to understand that racism is completely unacceptable in our school’s core values with classes, assemblies and police visits.

“We encourage children to be kind to one another to make our school an enjoyable and safe place to be for all our pupils.”