FRACKING: New application to start shale gas drilling in Bassetlaw

An artist's impression of the Tinker Lane site in operation, by Bassetlaw against Fracking
An artist's impression of the Tinker Lane site in operation, by Bassetlaw against Fracking

An application to carry out exploratory drilling for shale gas at a site in Blyth has been validated by planning bosses at Nottinghamshire County Council.

The application, which was submitted by Island Gas, covers works to drill a “single vertical exploratory well” at a site onTinker Lane, n between Barnby Moor and Torworth in Blyth.

Island Gas say this will allow them to evaluate the geology in the area and begin the process of assessing its potential for fracking.

Anti-fracking group Bassetkaw Against Fracking are urging residents to object to the proposals, which have been branded “deceptive by the group’s chair, David Larder.

Mr Larder said that Torworth and Barnby Moor would be hit by “ 24/7 drilling noises for over four months” and “discharges of flared methane” if the project was granted the green light by the council.

“Life for villagers, if the application is passed, would be badly affected. Anyone who does not want fracking in the area should object now,” he added.

CEO of IGas, Stephen Bowler, said the drilling of the well at Tinker Lane would be another important step in helping the company to understand the shale gas potential in Bassetlaw.

He added: ““As part of our commitment as a responsible operator, we will continue to work closely with the community around the site and seek to address any concerns they may have.

“Natural gas, including gas produced from shale, is important not only for electricity generation, but also for heating over 80 per cent of UK homes and providing feedstock for key manufacturing processes.

“There is a pressing need to deliver lower carbon energy that is home grown, provides important energy security for the future alongside economic benefits to communities as well as the country as a whole.”

The announcement comes after the first fracking application in the country since a ban was lifted in 2012 was approved at the end of May for a site in Ryedale, North Yorkshire.