Flying Scotsman back in Nottinghamshire today

The Flying Scotsman will pass through Nottinghamshire today for the second time this week.

The famous locomotive, which has recently undergone a ten-year long, £4.2 million refurbishment, will pass through Retford this morning on its inaugural run from London to York.

The Flying Scotsman arrives at Retford station

The Flying Scotsman arrives at Retford station

It was due to be in Retford at 11.18am but trespassers on the line in Cambridgeshire mean it is now running more than 20 minutes behind schedule.

Network Rail said it has had to “stop all trains” on the East Coast Mainline “because of a huge number of trespassers” keen to get a look at the Flying Scotsman.

After today’s journey, it will remain at the National Railway Museum in York until March 6, before heading out around the country on tour.

It will be back in the area again on June 18 when it will pass through Gainsborough.

This video shows the locomotive stopping to take on water in Retford yesterday as it travelled to London.

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