Fears expressed about hare coursing

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CLA East fears there will be an increase in the illegal act of hare coursing in Lincolnshire as farmers and landowners begin clearing their land of standing crops during this year’s harvest.

Hare coursing is a rural crime where dogs are used to chase, catch and kills hares, with those involved often betting large sums of money on the outcome.

Levels of hare coursing can increase significantly in Lincolnshire after harvest when large areas of arable land are cleared, making it easier to travel across fields.

Coursers take advantage of the wide open spaces, trespassing on private land in order to set their dogs on to hares.

CLA East, which represents more than a thousand farmers, landowners and rural businesses in Lincolnshire, has even heard reports of hare coursing being streamed live on mobile phones with people watching the stream online.