Fast broadband is just around corner

Rural broadband campaign photos, some with Nick Duquemin.
Rural broadband campaign photos, some with Nick Duquemin.

Rural communities in Bassetlaw with little or no internet access are on track to get superfast speeds within the next three years.

Notts County Council is reassuring residents and businesses that its £17 million broadband plan is still on target.

It will guarantee access to superfast speeds for 90 per cent of premises and at least 2Mbps for the rest.

More than 15,600 properties in Bassetlaw are set to benefit from the roll-out of the plan. The total across Notts is 66,700.

The estimated cost of the upgrade to the broadband network is £17 million, with £8.5 million being provided by the Government, county council and district and borough councils.

The remaining £8.5million would be met by which ever telecoms provider is selected to implement the upgrade.

The council is in the middle of a procurement phase, and will soon be selecting a partner to help it deliver superfast broadband across the area.

Two telecoms companies competing to be the chosen provider and an announcement on the successful bidder is expected in July.

Then the council will reveal how phasing will work, with a view to work on the ground starting before the end of the year.

And the first communities expected to get access to next generation broadband from early 2014.

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