Family speaks on ‘needless and tragic death’ of Jonathan Baines

Pamela McLaggan
Pamela McLaggan

The family of Jonathan Baines say he will be “greatly missed’ after his partner was jailed for seven years for killing him in a row.

Pamela McLaggan, aged 51, picked up a steak knife in a “swift and spontaneous” reaction to something said or done by Jonathan, known to friends as Willy, her boyfriend of eight years,

A family statement from Willy’s mother June, father Gerald, sister Annette and son, Ross said: “Willy was a son, a father and a brother who had lots of friends in the Gainsborough area, his death was both needless and tragic, he is greatly missed and the fact he was killed by Pamela, someone that we know he loved has made it even more difficult to understand and come to terms with.

“But we would like to thank the wider community of Gainsborough for their support and help since his death.

“The last few months have been incredibly difficult for the family but the support from people that knew Willy has helped to show us that he was a good man who will be missed by many.

“We would also like to thank the police for their support and help during this time and whilst the fact that Pamela has accepted her responsibility for causing his death and now been sentenced, her actions have meant that ‘Willy’ has been taken from us far too early.”

Detective Inspector James Hodgson said: “This case highlights the dangers of knife crime, and how a spontaneous incident and single stab wound can have devastating and tragic consequences, not only for the victim but for all his family and friends and the wider community of Gainsborough.

“I would like to thank the family of Willy, his mother June, father Jerry, sister Annette and also his son, Ross for helping the police investigation during this very difficult and traumatic period. I know that they have been angered, frustrated and deeply upset following Willy’s death and no sentence will ever reflect their loss and death of Willy.

“I hope that this guilty plea and sentence will hopefully help to bring some closure for his family although the death of any person in such circumstances will always have a lasting effect. On behalf of the family I respectfully ask the media to allow the family time to grieve and start to re-build their lives as best they can.”

Gainsborough woman picked up a steak knife and stabbed to death ‘the man she loved’