Family backs plan for faster Internet

Glenn Corrie is frustrated by slow broadband speeds on the Monks Wood estate in Shireoaks  (w120926-4a)
Glenn Corrie is frustrated by slow broadband speeds on the Monks Wood estate in Shireoaks (w120926-4a)

A SHIREOAKS family are throwing their support behind a campaign to roll out superfast broadband Internet across Notts.

Dawn Grudziak and Glenn Corrie live on Low Meadow Road on the Monks Wood estate in the village.

Despite being promised a fast connection when they bought the house two years ago, they have found it is painfully slow.

“We paid a lot of money for our house and as a large family we use many items of modern technology including smart phones and laptops which require a good fast broadband connection,” said Glenn.

“But if we run more than one laptop at once, the speed drops to a ridiculous level.”

Glenn and Dawn’s average broadband speed is just two megabits per second (Mbps), but sometimes it can drop as low as 0.3Mbps, while neighbours down the road get 40Mbs.

“I work from home as an IT consultant, and I need a reliable, fast and consistent Internet connection,” said Glenn.

“Fast broadband would make my life a lot easier.”

A campaign website called Shireoaks Broadband ( is highlighting the plight in the village.

It explains that two telecoms boxes serve the Monks Wood estate. But only one has been fitted with a fibreoptic service.

“We have been told the rest of the houses are outside the commercial viability area for BT to upgrade the other box to fibreoptic broadband,” said Glenn.

“You can take two houses on the same street, one has high speed broadband and the other doesn’t. It’s crazy.”

The family have signed a pledge drawn up by Notts County Council to support its £8 million plan to roll out superfast broadband (at least 24Mbps) across 90 per cent of the county by 2015.

Around 4,000 people have already signed. But the authority is aiming for 5,000 by October. The aim is to show demand in the county for investment in high speed Internet.

A total of 47,799 Bassetlaw premises would benefit from the Notts Broadband Plan - that’s 41 per cent of households and businesses in the county.

Glenn said: “We’ve signed the pledge and we support the aims of the plan. But so many Shireoaks properties already have fibreoptic, so it’s unlikely the area would be prioritised for any further upgrade.”

l See next week’s Worksop Guardian for more detail on the broadband plan. And sign the pledge here: