Eyres staff tucking in to dinner

Eyres of Worksop annual dinner taken in 1957.
Eyres of Worksop annual dinner taken in 1957.

THIS week’s Archive Corner picture shows staff from Eyres furniture store in Worksop.

They are seen at their annual dinner, probably in 1957.

The photo was taken by John Alcock, who worked as a cabinet maker for Eyres.

Mr Alcock, 81, who now lives in Northampton, was also a keen amateur photographer.

He remembered the names of some of the people in the picture.

On the left were Vic Standsbury, John Ostler, Gordon Dexter and Gerald Kay.

While on the right were three women who worked in the office, and Ernest Noakes.

Eyres, on Park Street, celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.

The business was founded by Isaac Eyres but is now owned by the Shuker family, who took over in 1984.

Eyres first moved into Worksop in 1899 when the company took the ground floor of a building on Newcastle Avenue.

After a fire they moved into the Park Street premises where they have remained ever since. The building was bought in 1991.

An advert for the Eyres sale in the Worksop Guardian of 8th July 1966 showed a three piece suite in green could be bought for £89 and 15 shillings, while a 3ft divan bed was £14 and 14 shillings.

A bedroom suite would set you back £58 and 15 shillings.