Epworth’s Keisha flying to Ghana to help school in need


A charitable young Isle girl is going out to Africa to help a needy community.

Keisha Carrington, who is 12 today, from Epworth, will be flying to Ghana to take part in a volunteering opportunity at the end of July.



She is joining her mother, Adele, who will have been working in a local hospital there as a student physiotherapist.

Adele explained: “When Keisha found out there was a school next to the hospital where I am working she asked if I could stay longer and she could come and volunteer. She will be helping the primary school children to learn in the classroom and play with them at lunch breaks.

“The school is in Atibie, in central Ghana. The children speak English and the school has a history of using volunteers to enrich their curriculum. Not only will this give Keisha a chance to see what life is like in Ghana and give something back, but also enable the local children to see British children and talk about how life is different her in rural North Lincolnshire.”

The hospital Adele is working in has a new physiotherapy department which has a central clinic in the hospital and an outreach programme in the rural villages. The department is under resourced in comparison to the NHS. This will be both rewarding and challenging to treat people without the use of modern imaging or gym equipment.

Adele and Keisha are collecting medical supplies, classroom supplies and children’s clothes to take with them on their journey. You can donate on their giving page to the cost of equipment and shipping, or you can donate pencils, classroom supplies or medical supplies.

Keisha, who is in year seven at South Axholme Academy, said: “I am extremely excited. My friends say it is not much of a holiday if you have to go to school, but I know that volunteering will help the children in the school and also teach me many new skills.”

Donations can me made at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/adele-carrington or email adele.carrington105@gmail.co