MP says turbines ‘offensive’

NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh has spoken out in opposition to a proposed wind farm at Corringham outside Gainsborough.

The Gainsborough Standard recently revealed images produced by anti-wind farm campaigners, showing the scale of turbines towering above the village.

Energy company SSE Renewables proposes to build 17 wind turbines at Browns Holt near Corringham, if approval is given from West Lindsey District Council.

The structures would stand over 400 feet tall, making them taller than Lincoln Cathedral or Big Ben.

Mr Leigh said: “As a countryside dweller and frequent rambler I am totally opposed to the building of wind farms which are beginning to blight our rural areas.”

“Not only are these structures an offence to behold and to hear, they are entirely economically unjustifiable and are made ‘profitable’ only by massive subsidies from central government.”

“In these trying times when many of us are feeling the pinch, Government should end these counter-productive subsidies and make sure that money stays in the pockets of working people rather than subsidy scroungers.”

Mr Leigh recently joined over 100 MPs who signed a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron calling for the subsidy for on-shore wind farms to be scrapped entirely.

It also called for the national planning policy framework to ensure that local views are given priority when considering applications for on-shore wind farms.

SSE Renewables are preparing a to submit a planning application to WLDC following consultation with local residents last summer.