Fly-tipping notice issued for Saundby land near Trent Port

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RESIDENTS are being urged to be vigilant and take action after the council issued a notice to stop people fly-tipping on a piece of land near Trent Port in Gainsborough.

Bassetlaw District Council has served notice on the owners of land to the rear of the Trent Port Public house in Saundby that has seen continued fly tipping and the burning of waste.

The site is situated on the Bassetlaw border with West Lindsey and has led to frequent visits from the emergency fire and rescue teams from both Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. 

Trent Port manager Chris Lodge said he would like to urge anyone who witnesses fly-tipping or anything suspicious to report it to stop them from ruining the area.

“It spoils a lovely place and it wouldn’t be good for business if people saw any fly-tipping or rubbish burning going on,” he said.

Chris continued: “I would certainly encourage anyone who sees anything like that to take down details of number plates and whatever and report anything they see to the council or the police.”

The council has issued the landowners with a Notice under section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 requiring them to take specified steps to clear the fly-tipping and secure the site to prevent vehicles freely accessing the land in the future.

Director of community services at Bassetlaw District Council Mark Ladyman said that something muse be done. “Landowners have a legal obligation to keep their land clear of refuse and litter and are given the opportunity to voluntarily take the appropriate steps to address these issues.”

“However, if no action is forthcoming then Bassetlaw District Council has a number of statutory powers that will be used to target illegal fly tipping including the use of Section 215 notices.”

A council spokesman added: “Should the landowner refuse to comply with the terms of the notice, the Council has the power to undertake the clean-up works itself and to recover the costs from the landowner.”

“I would also appeal to the public to help by reporting details of any vehicles they see tipping, including the date and registration numbers to our Environmental Health Team on 01909 533 219.”