End of mast row as vote decides it will stay put

Community event.
Community event.

The battle of the CCTV mast at Epworth was finally settled at a heated town council meeting.

Town councillors including Coun Liz Redfern voted 8-6 to leave the controversial mast as placed, on town council land at Kings Head Croft.

But the end to the dispute came only after environment committee spokeswoman Coun Ros Whittaker slammed the “huge mistake” made by North Lincolnshire Council, in placing the mast without consultation with the town council and in a conservation area.

Prior to the vote, she said she would like a second opinion from an independent agency on a suitable position, with a view to resiting the mast.

The cost of a move from the mast’s current site was taken in to consideration, and Couns Fish, Degnan and Hall all spoke in support of leaving it put.

Coun Mark Degnan said the concensus of local people was that the row was “something over nothing” and detrimental to the image of the town council.

Chairman Don Stewart spoke of the initial purchase of the land at Kings Croft, as “green land to be preserved for the people of Epworth.” In its current position the mast does mar the view from Market Place, he said, adding that he was in favour of it being moved a few feet and out of the way.

A vote was necessary he said. He did not want his name associated with a mast if it is there without permission. Coun Peter Davies had suggested moving the mast five yards to the north-east, which he said was a “small distance but one that would make a big difference.”