Election results for West Lindsey Council

Ballot box
Ballot box

THE RULING Conservatives in West Lindsey have strengthened their grip on the council following last night’s local elections.

The Labour Party also secured their very first seats in the area in eight years, taking several seats from the Liberal Democrats.

Previously, the Tories had held a ruling majority of 21 of the 37 seats, with the Liberal Democrats in control of 14 and independent candidates had two.

But on the polling day of Thursday 5th May 2011, Labour candidate Richy Doran was elected in Gainsborough East whilst fellow party member Nigel Bowler took one of three seats in Gainsborough North.

Overall in West Lindsey, the Conservatives retain overall control of the council with 21 seats while the Liberal Democrats retained 11 seats, Independents gained with three seats and Labour gained two seats.

The full ward results are as follows:


Ian Fleetwood (Con) elected 508, Sharon Spicer (UKIP) 203. Turnout 48.3%


Alan Caine (Ind) elected 779, Angela Lawrence (Con) elected 665, Deborah Barker (Con) 541, Cheryl Turner (Lib Dem) 278. Turnout 48.6%

Cherry Willingham

Irmgard Parrott (Con) elected 980, Anne Welburn (Con) elected 821, Wendy Beckett (Lab) 368, Brian Gulliver (Lab) 349, Stuart Miller (Lib Dem) 309, Stephen Trevor (Lib Dem) 392. Turnout 47.1%


Sue Rawlins (Con) elected 565, Melanie Jackson (Lib Dem) 260. Turnout 48.68%


Christopher Darcel (Ind) elected 370, Meg Davidson (Con) 351, Ian Nelson (Lib Dem) 44, Carol Pearson (UKIP) 49. Turnout 48.73%

Gainsborough East

Mel Starkey (Lib Dem) elected 591, Mick Tinker (Lib Dem) elected 583, Richy Doran (Lab) elected 422, Alex Bridgwood (Con) 227, Dorothy Dawson (Con) 322, Kristan Smith (Lib Dem) 358, Sebastian Stenson (Con) 196.

Gainsborough North

Gillian Bardsley (Con) elected 675, Dave Dobbie (Lib Dem) elected 498, Nigel Bowler (Lab) elected 479, Pearl Banyard (Ind) 325, Mark Binns (Lib Dem) 431, Julian Myers (Con) 453, Robin Perry (Lib Dem) 458, Robert Webb (Con) 390.

Gainsborough South West

Judy Rainsforth (Lib Dem) elected 698, Trevor Young (Lib Dem) elected 674, Stephen Beer (Con) 202, Alan Beverley (Con) 236. Turnout 27.8%


Paul Howitt-Cowan (Con) elected 444, Scott Pritchard (Lib Dem) 332, Tony Wells (UKIP) 78. Turnout 43.3%


Lewis Strange (Con) elected 817, Robert Heathorn (Lib Dem) 219. Turnout 49.2%


Jessie Milne (Con) elected 598, Ian Parsons (Ind) 259, Callum Newton (UKIP) 59. Turnout 50.58%

Market Rasen

Burt Keimach (Con) elected 833, Ken Bridger (Lib Dem) elected 791, Adam Ramsey (Con) 771, Brian Richardson (Lib Dem) 520.

Middle Rasen

Geoff Wiseman (Con) elected 578, Guy Grainger (Lib Dem) 378, Michael Ranby (UKIP) 232. Turnout 49.7%


Ray Sellars (Lib Dem) elected 1238, Malcolm Leaning (Lib Dem) elected 1108, Giles McNeil (Con) 804, Eleanor Ramsey (Con) 559. Turnout 54.2%


Jackie Brockway (Con) elected 1155, David Cotton (Lib Dem) elected 921, Carly Sharples 827, Chris Walker (Lib Dem) 369. Turnout 47%


Roger Patterson (Con) elected 414, Heather Shore (Lib Dem) 404, Rachel Heskins (Lab) 223, Dave Walton (UKIP) 70. Turnout 46.9%


Chris Underwood-Frost(Con) elected 1164, William Parry (Con) elected 734, Libby Clarke (Ind) 623, Neil Taylor (Lib Dem) 332. Turnout 46.9%


Reg Shore (Lib Dem) elected 650, Peter McNeill (Con) 299. Turnout 50.8%


Stuart Curtis (Con) elected 860, Melanie Tointon (Lab) 289. Turnout 53.96%


Lesley Rollings (Lib Dem) elected 523, Colin Wotherspoon (Con) 300.


Stuart Kinch (Con) elected 698, John Ridley (Lib Dem) 401. Turnout 47.8%

Waddingham and Spital

Jeff Summers (Con) elected 643, John Beaver (UKIP) 126, Andrew Heathorn (Lib Dem) 199. Turnout 49.2%


Malcolm Parish (Con) elected 1102, Diana Rodgers (Ind) elected 997, Adam Duguid (Con) 691, Peter Heath (Lib Dem) 543. Turnout 48.2%

Wold View

Tom Regis (Con) elected 481, John Hadlow (Lib Dem) 293. Turnout 40.4%


Owen Bierley (Con) elected 465, Paul Barrett (Lib Dem) 62, John Indian (Lab) 377. Turnout 48.6%

Results for Gainsborough Town Council and the referendum on AV are yet to be released.

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