Election results for Gainsborough Town Council

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Ballot box

THE LIBERAL Democrats have bucked the national trend having swept into control of Gainsborough Town Council winning 12 of the 18 seats available.

Nationally, the Lib Dems lost 700 English council seats - losing several in West Lindsey District Council.

But the local elections on Thursday 5th May saw the party win a majority in the town council and even saw council stalwarts such as Raoul Hesse-Phillipson and former mayor Tim Davies lose their seats.

The full results for the Gainsborough Town Council elections are as follows:

Gainsborough East:

BANYARD Pearl Marie, Elected: 338

BINNS Mark Anthony, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 386

DORAN Richard Peter, Elected: 348

PLASTOW James Alexander: 214

PLASTOW Roger Richard David: 219

ROLLINGS Lesley Anne, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 387

STARKEY Melvyn Lionel, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 651

WOOLLEY Kenneth Donald, Elected, Independent: 455

Gainsborough North-East:

BOWLER Nigel, The Labour Party: 146

DINSDALE Norman Humberstone, Elected, Independent, 169

PARRY William Stuart Ridley, Elected, Independent: 212

PERRY Robin David, Liberal Democrat: 160

Gainsborough North-West:

COWARD Barry Charles, Liberal Democrat: 410

DOBBIE David Paul, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 500

HUGHES Vaughan Olsson, Elected, Independent: 441

ISHERWOOD Cynthia Margaret, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 415

KEY Paul Michael, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 457

NICHOLSON Julie Ann, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 425

WISEMAN Geoffrey Martyn, Independent: 344

Gainsborough South-West:

CLARKE Harry, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 454

DAND Daniel Lee, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 327

DAVIES Timothy Mark: 287

GOACHER Sandra Carole, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 370


MANNING David Frank, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 330

MILLS Ian Richard, Independent: 301

YOUNG Trevor Victor, Elected, Liberal Democrat: 667

For full in-depth election coverage as well as councillors’ reactions make sure you pick up The Gainsborough Standard on Thursday 12th May.