UTC students are career confident

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Students who attend university technical colleges such as the new Humber UTC opening in September,are confident about future career prospects, according to a national survey.

Figures just published show that almost nine out of ten students, 87 per cent, who attend UTCs are confident of their ability to find and succeed in work.

And 86 per cent of those questioned are confident of getting a job that utilises their skills when they leave education.

A total of 850 students aged 14 to 18 were involved in the Baker Dearing Educational Trust survey, carried out at UTCs across England in June this year.

The survey results also reveal that two-thirds, or 68 per cent, of UTC students already know the career they want to pursue when they leave education: 40 per cent plan to go to university and around a quarter plan to go on to do an apprenticeship.

Facilities and equipment are the most important factor (95 per cent) for students when they are considering a UTC followed by hands-on learning (92 per cent), opportunities for work experience (90 per cent) and the technical specialism (89 per cent).

UTC Sheffield, on Matilda Street, was Yorkshire’s first UTC, and opened in September 2013. The Humber UTC will be the first in this region and has strong support.

Coun Liz Redfern, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This is very positive for the area as we will soon open the doors to the region’s first University Technical College.

“Based in Scunthorpe, it will specialise in engineering and renewables, alongside other key subjects, to help young people get a step on the career ladder. Students will be given a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an area they are interested in.

“There are lots of key local developments currently underway and in the pipeline that will be looking for people with the right skills to offer their company. And where better place to recruit than the Humber UTC? Students will become highly skilled and stand a good chance of getting those well paid jobs. This is a major boost to the region.”