‘She’s very encouraging’

Queen Elizabeth High School PE teacher Jayne Baldwin, has been presented with the Teachers Rose.  Pictured with some of her pupils  (G110407-2a)
Queen Elizabeth High School PE teacher Jayne Baldwin, has been presented with the Teachers Rose. Pictured with some of her pupils (G110407-2a)
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A POPULAR and long-serving teacher from Queen Elizabeth’s High School in Gainsborough has been awarded the Gainsborough Standard Teacher’s Rose by making PE enjoyable for pupils.

Mrs Jayne Baldwin has been a PE teacher at Queen Elizabeth’s High School for over 18 years.

She is now head of girls’ PE as well as a head of house.

“I was quite surprised but it really means a lot to me that someone appreciates what you’re doing,” said Mrs Baldwin, receiving her rose. “You really want to offer the students as much as possible and this means that someone has recognised that.”

She continued: “I feel valued as a teacher and as a member of staff. It’s a very good school here and everybody works in harmony so that at the end of the day the children get the best possible education.”

Mrs Baldwin said that it was the students at the school that made it worthwhile.

“The students are just fantastic and I really love teaching them,” she said. “This is only a small stage in their lives and if we can give them the best start for the future then that’s all you can hope for really.”

“It’s quite a satisfying feeling and personally that’s quite an achievement.”

After 18 years of teaching at the school, Mrs Baldwin said that she often bumps into former pupils.

“I was recently in a restaurant after the Lincoln 10k and a student who I taught ten years ago came up to me who I recognised and we had a chat. It’s very satisfying to know that you’ve contributed to their lives in such a positive way.”

One of Mrs Baldwin’s pupils Lucy Wright, 12 said: “She’s very fun and always makes lessons really interesting.”

Fellow pupil Chloe Atkinson, 12, added: “Mrs Baldwin is really fun and fit and she’s always running about when we do PE. We’re always out of breath and she can be hard to keep up with but she’s very encouraging.”

QEHS head teacher Mr David Allsop said that Mrs Baldwin was more than deserving of the rose.

“She’s very dedicated and focussed on individual students,” he said.

“She treats them as individuals and they give her the same respect back. She really deserves this, because it’s recognition of all of the years she has put into helping all of the pupils that have passed through the school.”

Mr Allsop added: “It’s great for the school and that the hard work of the teachers has been recognised by its pupils.”

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