‘She respects the children’

Benjamin Adlard Community Primary School teacher Katie White has been nominated for the Standard's Teachers Rose Award G110308-3a
Benjamin Adlard Community Primary School teacher Katie White has been nominated for the Standard's Teachers Rose Award G110308-3a

A POPULAR and thoughtful teacher from Benjamin Adlard Community Primary School has been awarded the Gainsborough Standard’s Teacher’s Rose.

Miss Kelly White has been teaching at the school for four years and has grown to have a strong rapport with her pupils who nominated her.

We went along to the school to take Miss White by surprise, and present her with her Rose.

“I’m absolutely delighted,” she said. “This is so unexpected but it’s so nice to feel appreciated and I’m really happy.”

Miss White said that the thing she loves most about teaching is the relationship she shares with her classes.

“The kids are just amazing,” she said. “I love how everything changes from day to day and realising that you are making a difference in their lives.”

“To know that they’ve picked up on the respect you have for them just means the world.”

“You always think that you get on well with the children and by looking at the results and assessments you think you are making a difference but being nominated for this Rose just shows that they are noticing and that really makes the job worthwhile.”

She continued: “My class are quite a cheeky bunch and they are all fantastic.”

“I feel like they have the confidence to express themselves openly. I’ve taught some of them for three years so we’ve built up quite a good relationship and a fun-for-learning atmosphere. We have a lot of enjoyment.”

Miss White added that her success wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her fellow staff.

“With the teaching assistants as well as the rest of the brilliant teachers here we are one big team and we can make school a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the pupils.”

She added: “The staff are really supportive and everyone just works really hard.”

Headteacher Miss Bernadette Glarbus said that Miss White was an excellent teacher and part of a fantastic and talented team at Benjamin Adlard.

“She’s very enthusiasitc, committed and hard-working,” she said. “She’s just brilliant really and has an excellent relationship with her pupils.”

She added: “All of the staff here are great and I’m lucky to have such a fantastic team here.”

To nominate YOUR school heroes for The Gainsborough Standard’s Teacher’s Rose you can email newsroom@gainsboroughstandard.co.uk, write to Teacher’s Rose, 5-7 Market Place, Gainsborough, DN21 2BP or call 01427 615323.

Each nominee receives a rose kindly donated by the Pink Orchid Florist and gets entered into Teacher of the Year with the chance of winning a night’s bed and breakfast for two at the Crown Hotel in Bawtry.