Parent’s anger over Warsop school’s wine gum ‘theft’

NMAC10-1590-1''Warsop Meden School
NMAC10-1590-1''Warsop Meden School

A parent is threatening to remove her daughter from a Warsop school after the teenager was put into detention...for taking a wine gum.

The 16-year-old pupil landed herself in trouble for eating the jelly treat without permission from a packet left on the desk of a teacher at Meden School.

The teacher then rang the girl’s mother, who was left ‘flabbergasted’ by what she was told.

The mother, known only as Elaine, said: “It was unbelievable phone call. I was completely stunned, I thought it was a joke.

“This is a wine gum here, not money, a wine gum.

“I could not believe what I was hearing.

“There are more important things that could have happened to give cause for detention.”

The teacher is alleged to have told Elaine over the phone that although it seemed trivial, it was ‘still theft’ and a ‘violation of her property’.

It was alleged that the female teacher had given a few pupils a wine gum, and left the remainder on her desk.

The girl had then taken another, and said she admitted it immediately when asked.

Elaine continued: “My daughter has worked very hard at school and they have had nothing but praise for everything she has done.

“Now because of this I’m compelled to remove her before the summer, I shall 
even sit her detention in her place!

“I shall buy this stupid teacher another packet of wine gums if they meant that much to her, which they obviously did.”

Chad approached Meden School for an explanation and comment, who sent a short statement saying: “Whilst we are unable to comment on individual cases, Meden School has high expectations of students at all times which is reflected in the schools behaviour policy.”