Editor’s Comment: Off licence plan is worrying

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In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of people drinking alcohol on the streets at all hours of the day.

This depressing trend is not just confined to Gainsborough, the same thing is happening in towns and cities across the country.

You could argue all day about what the causes of this problem are, and how it should be solved, but it is clear that the increase in cheap booze is more than partly to blame.

Indeed, there has been an increase in the number of off licences selling cheap, super-strength alcohol.

We have all walked past these kind of shops, and we all know about the type of clientele that sometimes hang around outside them.

These drunks can be offensive and intimidating.

So news that an application to sell alcohol has gone in for a shop close to a Gainsborough primary school is certainly worrying.

West Lindsey District Council need to consider this application long and hard, especially if the alcohol that will be sold there is at the budget, super-strength end of the market.