Editor’s Comment: It is good to see the courts dealing with thugs

Lincoln Crown Court G120131-3
Lincoln Crown Court G120131-3

Our front page this week is another shocking example of violent lawlessness on our streets.

There have been a number of stabbings over the course of the last year, and this week we report on the story of a man who was beaten up on a Gainsborough street, before being spat on by his attackers as he lay helpless on the ground.

Although stories like this are obviously shocking and upsetting, it is important to remember that these incidents are relatively rare.

Also, the people who commit these sorts of acts are a very small minority of our population who by some twisted logic believe it is acceptable to behave in this fashion.

It is also reassuring to see the courts deal with these types of thugs in a tough manner, hopefully this will send out the message that if you behave in this you will be punished.

No one likes to read stories like these, but at the end of the day Gainsborough is no different than anywhere else.

Whenever I’m walking around the streets of Gainsborough I feel nothing but safe.