Editor’s Comment: Immigration rules are wrong

Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom
Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom

Immigration is an emotive subject, it is something that people have very strong feelings about on both sides of the argument.

Many people believe we should ‘close the door’ on immigrants, but our front page story this weeks shows that the door is already closed to some people, and wrongly so in my opinion.

Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom are very much in love. Not only that but they have been married for two years.

Yet immigration laws mean that Wilawan can’t move here to live with her English husband.

The bitter twist to this story is that Norman is terminally ill and is desperate to spend his last days with his wife.

What kind of land do we live in where the law dictates that a terminally ill man and his wife are kept apart?

These people have committed no crime. Unless falling in love is now classed as a crime.

It is a heartbreaking situation, and is a perfect example of how sometimes it would be better is these sorts of cases are judged on their merits.

I just hope someone sees sense and Norman and Wilawan are finally allowed to live together.