dr raj chandran (INDEPENDENT)

Tony Roberts - Independent candidate for the Notts Police Crime Commissioner elections
Tony Roberts - Independent candidate for the Notts Police Crime Commissioner elections

I am a former Police Surgeon, ex-Mayor of Gedling, territorial army major, and a recently-retired GP.

My experience as UK Commissioner for Racial Equality, governor of a comprehensive school and employer experienced with multi-million pound budgets will make me an excellent Police Commissioner. Funding my own campaign shows my dedication to fighting crime. As local independent candidate I will not be influenced by Central London-led policies. A Director of an organisation teaching the D.A.R.E programme to 12,000 children annually to combat substance-misuse and bullying, I am determined to prevent crime related to drugs and alcohol-misuse in Notts.

Government cuts of £42million will reduce Notts Police Force by 200 Officers. Continuing policing at the level required will mean tough decisions. I will consider sponsorship and out-sourcing, not privatising police services.

My pledges are:

l ‘Listening to you surgeries’- I will be available to everyone in person, either by telephone or email;

l Putting more police on the streets to deter criminals and reduce crime, by recruiting 500 Special Constables and upgrading 200 PCSOs with powers of arrest;

l Financial experts paid from my own salary will advise funding by reducing wasteful bureaucracy;

l I will open police post in main streets in Notts and re-open closed police stations;

l Notts’ mounted police, disbanded because of cuts, will be brought back with honour.

Under my commission the police will;

l Show zero tolerance to anti-social behaviour and knife-carrying;

l Give top priority to domestic violence and victim support;

l Focus on crime against businesses.