Don’t let guard down in good weather


PEOPLE have been encouraged not to let their guard down in protecting their property during what is predicted to be a warm and sunny weekend.

Police say warmer and lighter nights increases the chance of people becoming victims of crimes such as burglary and car crime.

Inspector Andy Knight said he continues to be surprised by how many people still fail to secure their homes and lock up their valuables.

“You would not believe how many burglaries are down to the fact that the home owner has not locked their doors or windows,” he said.

“These people don’t deserve to be victims of crime and everyone should be able to leave their doors unlocked.”

He added: “Unfortunately they need to be aware that unscrupulous thieves will not hesitate to capitalise on their trust or forgetfulness.”

“Many people will be planning on hosting barbeques or outdoor get-togethers this weekend to enjoy the lovely weather we are experiencing, and we want everyone to have a fantastic time.”

“What we don’t want is for them to have their belongings stolen because they forgot to secure their property. Please, remember to lock your doors and windows - even if you are outside in the garden.”

Residents are reminded not to leave ground level windows open at night and to ensure garden sheds and outbuildings are secure.

People should also remove belongings from inside their vehicles, as even the smallest of items can attract thieves.

Insp Knight added: “Sat Navs, sunglasses, clothing, handbags – these are all items that thieves will quite happily smash a car window to get their hands on.”

“It might sound obvious, but please make sure your cars are locked, as there are still so many people who leave their cars insecure.”