Doma Roma eager for next season after being named permanent boss of Gainsborough Trinit

Gainsborough Trinity's Dom Roma. Picture: Andrew Roe
Gainsborough Trinity's Dom Roma. Picture: Andrew Roe

Gainsborough Trinity have formally announced that interim manager Dominic Roma has been given the management job on a permanent basis.

Roma who has held the role since March, was given the job after impressing the chairman and the board of directors since taking over from Steve Housham.

Announcing the news after the 4-1 victory at Bradford Park Avenue, Roma said he is already excited about next season and had done well to keep it a secret since the start of the week.

He said: “I’m very proud to have been given the managers job. I spoke to the chairman earlier on in the week and it’s been difficult to keep it under wraps. “I did tell the lads before the game that, as I thought it was right that they knew who the manager was going into next season.

“I probably should of told them five weeks ago and lied but I thought it was right to let them know.”

Roma always expected to stay in the game after retirement but never envisaged it to be so soon.

He said: “I always I thought I may have gone into management a few more years down the line but an opportunity has come up and I intend to take it with both hands.

“The fans can be assured that I will give everything into the role as I did as a player and I will continue to do so as a manager.

“I will speak to the lads next week but I’m really excited about next season.

“I intend to be just a manager but I will keep myself and register in case I am needed at any point. I don’t envisage playing unless we have a major injury crisis.”

Roma believes he has already learnt a huge amount during his brief tenure and this gives a huge advantage going into next season.

He said: “I have taken valuable lessons away from each game. In my day job you always are looking to see how you can improve and what you could have learnt from previous lessons.

“It has been a harsh introduction but in the future this relegation scrap will stand me in good stead as there are not many managers at my age who have been involved these.

“I need to find the extra one or two percents that are going to take us forward and that will start in preseason. One thing I can guarantee is that we will be one of the fittest teams in the league next season,that is something I will be able to say now.

“Pre-season is going to be very hard but it will be specific to what we are doing in games and the lads will have to buy into that.”