Dob on a dirty dog - that’s the message in Misterton


Dob on a dirty dog . . . that’s the message in Misterton.

Twenty signs, warning dog owners of the consequences of not picking up their dog’s mess, have been erected around the village.

A council spokesman said: “Dob on a Dirty Dog is the message in the council’s campaign.

“Except it’s not the dogs at fault, but the owners, who fail to clear up after their pets.

“Bassetlaw District Council has opened up a hotline for residents to report those who fail to pick up their dog’s mess.”

After repeated complaints about dog fouling, Misterton Parish Council has taken action. New signs remind owners of their responsibilities. In one survey of the canal towpath between Swallow Court and Wharf Bridge, there were 22 doggy ‘deposits’ and a further five on the road from Wharf Bridge to School Corner.

Pictured is district councillor Hazel Brand inspecting one of the notices erected by Misterton Parish Council as part of Bassetlaw District Council’s anti-dog fouling campaign.