Disco superstar Gloria Gaynor drops in to Mansfield...to talk about nutrition

Gloria Gaynor in Mansfield
Gloria Gaynor in Mansfield

Seventies disco star Gloria Gaynor dropped in to Mansfield recently, just to get nutritional advice from a stranger.

The ‘I Will Survive’ American singer had been due to perform in Somerset last weekend and had been staying in Essex, but took a detour to visit life coaches John Mason and his partner Zoe Melvin, who live on Curbar Close.

John, a 61-year-old former PE teacher at Manor School, explained: “I was totally gobsmacked, we have a mutual friend and Gloria phoned me up on the Wednesday and said she wanted to see me.

“It was surreal, having someone that famous come round your house.

“I was really nervous but she was lovely, she was here for over two hours and we got on like a house on fire.”

The 66-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer has struggled with her weight and back problems in recent years, having fallen off stage during a performance.

Having been driven to Mansfield by her sound engineer, she spoke at length with John and Zoe about nutrition, before they showed her a few exercises to help her.

“You could see she was in pain, but she was so happy when she left- she even said a prayer for us,” added John.

“She even asked us how much we owed her, and I told her nothing.”

Having swapped contact details, they are now going to keep in touch using Skype.