Dinnington: MP pledges support to care home dental scheme

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MP for Rother Valley Sir Kevin Barron visited Dinnington residential home Davies Court in July to lend his support to a pilot scheme that will aim to improve dental care for care home residents.

The MP is backing the scheme after evidence that people in residential care are more likely to have inadequate or restricted access to dental services emerged.

The domiciliary dental has been in operation for some time, with dentists providing an oral health needs assessment screening for all consenting clients in care homes free of charge.

Young dentists, Jack Henshaw and Harriet Meade have seen the benefits of the scheme in Sheffield and would like to see this system extended to Rotherham.

Jack Henshaw said “Access to dental care is patchy for residents in residential homes in Rotherham with some residents only having access to dental services when there is an obvious problem.

“It is vitally important that our more vulnerable members of society receive appropriate dental care.

“By screening the elderly or ill residents we expect to pick up conditions such as oral cancer or infections which affect the quality of life of the individuals more quickly.

Harriet Meade said: ” I have been impressed by the care and conditions that I have seen in the residential nursing homes but felt that dentistry had been a neglected area.

“By becoming involved personally in this residential care system and working as a team with the staff in the home I feel I shall be making a contribution to the oral health of the elderly.”