Dinnington: Five small rabbits ‘dumped’ in a hedge and left to die

Five rabbits have been dumped in a hedge near the tennis courts at the old Kiverton Colliery site.
Five rabbits have been dumped in a hedge near the tennis courts at the old Kiverton Colliery site.

Five small rabbits were ‘dumped’ in a hedge by a woman driving an Audi A3 near the Kiveton Colliery site - just a short distance from Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

Lorraine Gray, of South View, Kiveton, said she was walking her dog near to the tennis courts when a man told her he had just seen a woman with blonde hair get out of her car and release the animals.

Support worker Lorraine, and the unknown male and a second man, managed to find three of the rabbits and Lorraine found the fourth the next day but it died a short time after. The last one was never located.

“It is ludicrous,” Lorraine told the Guardian. “I was very cross.”

“Thornberry Animal Sanctuary is only a short drive away, she could have taken them to safety there.”

“I posted it on Facebook and it got quite a bit of a reaction. But no one came forward and said ‘that was me’.”

“I was just walking my dog when I saw a man near to where I needed to go. I shouted out to him so he knew I was close and that’s when he told me the rabbits had been dumped.”

“He got his mate to come and they took the rabbits away. The two men were fabulous, I just wish I knew their names. They went above and beyond what was expected.”

Lorraine said she went back to the same spot the following day and her dog managed to find one of the two missing pets but it passed away despite receiving treatment.

“You could understand it if someone can’t afford these pets but this woman was apparently driving an Audi A3,” Lorraine added.

“This would not have happened if they had just taken them straight to Thornberry.”

The Guardian contacted the Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, Todwick Road, North Anston.

Janet Gibson said: “I wish people would just think before they buy rabbits for their kids. It makes me so angry.”

“People have got to want to look after these pets just as much as their kids.”

“This kind of thing has happened before.”