Dinnington: Action group’s fears over housing plans

Greenland on Swinston Hill Road in Dinnington G130502-1b
Greenland on Swinston Hill Road in Dinnington G130502-1b

A public inquiry into huge housing plans opens next month amid rumours that thousands more houses are on the table for Dinnington.

Rotherham Council claims proposals have been whittled down to just over 1,000.

But spokeswoman for Save Our Greenbelt Dinnington and Anston Action Group said: “We are aware of several options that exist, including one for up to 7,123 homes.”

“In Rotherham Council’s core strategy for future development, it is claimed that only 1,100 homes would be built in the Dinnington area.”

As well as construction on agricultural land, the group is worried playing fields in the town could be built on.

The spokeswoman added: “What happens if the inspector finds that more green belt is needed for housing?”

“Rotherham Council and its councillors can hold their hands up and say, ‘not my fault’.”

A spokesman for Rotherham Council said the public inquiry into the Local Plan core strategy was likely to run for three weeks from 22nd October.

“The inspector will examine the version of the core strategy that was submitted to Government in June this year. He will not be considering previous drafts nor looking at individual sites. If the inspector approves the core strategy, the authority expects to adopt the document early in 2014.”

“This summer’s public consultation on potential development sites has now finished. This is a separate process to the core strategy and will undergo further public consultation before being submitted to Government for public inquiry.”

The authority denies it has ever proposed such a high target for new homes in Dinnington, saying the local plan earmarks around 1,100 new homes for Dinnington, Anston and Laughton Common over the next 15 years.

The spokesman said any suggested changes to Dinnington’s housing target would need careful consideration, further public consultation and would be unlikely to reach the numbers quoted by the action group.